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Equine Industry

Discount metal building systems is also set up to help out with the equine industry.

We design and build a suitable environment for your horses

Keeping the horses’ safety and yours in mind, we design and build a suitable environment for your horses’ daily life. Our qualified staff knows how important your horses’ safety is to you, so we make it a priority that every building we erect is designed to meet strict safety codes. This will ensure that your horses will live in an area as enjoyable to them as would be for you

The best for your Horses!

We understand how valuable your horses are for you that’s why we ensure to provide you with the best infrastructure for your horses, at a reasonable price with high-quality standards. 

in Discount Metal Building Systems, we ensure to provide you with:

  • Complete horse buildings to ensure you don’t look elsewhere.
  • Very resistant and Superior materials, that ensure the durability of our buildings
  • The strength that allows your horse to be comfortable in a large steel barn
  • Our metal buildings require less maintenance than other wood barns.

Our team will customize your building based on your budget and design preferences.

Learn more about our options in Castroville & Pleasanton, TX by calling 210-683-7982 today. We welcome imaginative ideas and endless customization options.